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Toby Brown is a 15 year old full-stack web developer & designer in London — currently making a thinking machine at Beem.

Toby was always interested in very nerdy things; like alarm systems, and showed a strong interest in how things worked. He would discover how these things worked generally through brute force, and would sit looking for patterns on circuit boards of his newly destroyed things. This interest turned to code, where Toby built his first website at 7 years old. This vanilla HTML website took him many days to complete, and looked terrible; but he was hooked.

Toby continued building, and in September 2021, discovered Hack Club. In the Summer of 2022, Toby attended their summer event called Assemble, in SF. Then, in November of 2022; Toby was hired as a Community Engineer at Hack Club, where he worked with an awesome team to make the Hack Club community the coolest place to be as a teenage programmer. In November 2023, Toby became a Storyteller at Hack Club, where he designs and builds websites.

Very epic website ngl :)


I am glad you like PlanetScale <3!

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hello. i can play the kazoo.

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